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Aaron Fernandes is a Toronto based marketing professional, web developer plus designer, digital brand strategist, and creative.

Born + raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Aaron always had a passion for media, design, all things digital, and was first exposed to the Internet during the Y2K era at the age of 9.

Fernandes self-taught himself basic web design by the age of 13, and began working as a freelance designer plus developer by the age of 15 after perfecting his skills in a number of modern in-demand web languages.

Fernandes moved to Toronto in the fall of 2008, and has continued with his passion for media, the web, and design, by developing both websites and online marketing campaigns for businesses, individuals, and professional bloggers.

Aside from his work on the web, Fernandes is an intuitive creative who keeps-speed with modern trends both online and offline and has worked with businesses to develop tailor-made marketing strategies and digital brands that appeal to different market segments.

When Aaron Fernandes isn’t creating he enjoys the company of human beings, canines, listening to pleasant tunes, and engaging in activities that broaden his perspective on this planet such as “travelling”; however he is most happy when engaged in situations that allow him to be creative and generally build things.

Your ego can become an obstacle to your work. If you start believing in your greatness, it is the death of your creativity.

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Twitter @AaronRFernandes / Instagram @AaronFernandes / Blog @IconicHipster.com

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Each completed project makes us even more hungry, hungry for more designs, more code and at least some more twinkies. As a result we deliver a better web experience.


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I spend majority of his days working on major client contracts with many contracts turning into standard 45 hour a week positions.

WP-DD.com:WordPress Design and Development

http://WP-DD.COM (acronym for WordPress Design and Development) is a virtual web design and development agency that specializes solely in WordPress-related development.

I started the website after having numerous clients requiring WordPress services approaching me with relatively the same or similar needs.

I therefore thought about creating an easier platform through which these clients could order services they require without having to go back and forth on e-mail which takes up valuable time and energy.

I manage a highly skilled virtual team and obsessively control the high standard quality over every single piece of work that is delivered via http://WP-DD.com as evidenced by our strong portfolio.

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ICONICHIPSTER.COM: An Extensive Curation of Cool

http://ICONICHIPSTER.COM started out as a personal hobby but quickly turned into a revenue generating online magazine.

The website curates newsworthy topics in music, fashion, culture, entertainment, travel, and urban lifestyle.

The website targets both males and females between the ages of 21 and 35 and revenue is generated via direct sales advertising, network based advertising, and sponsored content.

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